What is Chickscope?
Using computers in the classroom with access to the Internet, students and teachers are able to access data generated from the latest scientific instruments. The goals include an increased understanding of the process of gathering scientific data and the opportunity to interact with scientists from several disciplines and students in other classrooms The access to unique scientific resources and expertise provides motivation for learning science and mathematics and stimulates interest in the scientific world.
Join Bugscope!
BugscopeBugscope is an educational project of the Imaging Technology Group. Participating classrooms have the opportunity to control an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope to image insects at high magnification. Bugscope has been underway since 1999: join us for the fun!
Hot Off the Press...
Check out these new additions to the website:
The Inquiry Page

The Inquiry Page is a partner with Chickscope. It is a web site where teachers share units they have created. If you go to the Inquiry Page, click on "Inquiry Units", and search for "egg", "chicken", or "chickscope", you'll see a number of teacher-created units.

More units may be added over time, and we invite you to share what you have done in your classroom. If you have used and modified an existing Chickscope unit, you can enter that as well, using the Inquiry Page's "spin-off" feature.

Yolk of the Day

Q: Why did the rooster cross the road?
A: To cockadoodle dooo something! *

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