Chickscope Roosts:
The Scientist's Forum

In the first Chickscope experiment, the scientists involved with running the MRI, analyzing the data, and overseeing the entire project had online forums where they answered student questions. These forums were referred to as "roosts". We cannot keep a good idea all couped up, so Chickscope 1.5 will continue this popular feature. Click the images to visit our scientists' roosts.

Some of the roosts are located on web servers other than the Chickscope web server. The arrow navigation buttons in the right-hand corner's of the pages will not take you to those roosts. Either select the roost from this page, or from the list of roosts at the bottom of each roost page.

Carl's Roost

Carl Gregory
Dr. Gregory works with MRI systems, and participated heavily in the 1996 Chickscope project. Even though he has moved to other pursuits, his Roost lives on.

Chip's Roost

Chip Bruce
Dr. Bruce answers your questions about using Chickscope in the classroom. His Roost includes other papers about the ILCS project as well.

Euclid's Roost

The Math Roost
Visit the homepage of the Chickscope Math gurus where the original versions of the EggMath units may be found.

Jo Ann's Roost

Jo Ann Eurell
Dr. Eurell: Chickscope's resident embryology expert. Dr. Eurell will answer you questions about embryology and will post her responses here.

Daniel's Roost

Daniel "Daniel" Weber
Too many late nights of hacking on Chickscope and too much caffeine produced this oddball roost. Nothing but silliness here, including the infamous "Banned Roost Page".

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